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Elevate your look with AUrate New York

Elevate your look with AUrate New York

Fine jewelry is a treasure a woman must have. Searching for your perfect piece of gold jewelry is a very important task. It takes time and it takes patience because it's a very important investment. We want to find a piece of jewelry that represent us, that is beautiful, that has a good design but most importantly that has a very high quality and it's timeless because that piece of jewelry is going to be with us throughout our entire lives.

It's going to become that favorite accessory that we always go to when we have a very important and special event because it gives us that dose of extra confidence and it contributes to making us feel even more beautiful. 

Fine jewelry has the power of elevating any kind of outfit, no matter if you are just wearing a plain white button-down shirt and some jeans, if you add a gold necklace or bracelet it will change the outfit completely from simple to luxurious and elegant. 

AUrate New York bracelet

So, when it comes to picking your perfect piece of fine jewelry it is better to take on a minimalistic approach. Less is definitely more when it comes to the design because you want a piece that will last you for a lifetime, a piece that is able to adapt to your style evolution and still looks modern throughout the years. But also, what we want here is that fine materials stand out and shine for themselves.

AUrate New York Fine Jewelry

Therefore, I'm very excited to introduce you today to a brand that I have been loving for a few years now: AUrate New York, fine jewelry, no concessions. This brand goal is to provide you with the best quality materials for a fair price while also doing good at the same time. They strongly believe in sustainable production, in ethically sourcing their gold, pearls, and diamonds, and also giving back to the community where they are based. 

I always love when I have the chance to support and work with brands like this, who not only take care of offering the highest quality in their products but also have a very clear vision of the impact they are making in the industry and the world because I think when a brand starts doing business in a responsible manner, it's more likely that other brands will follow their example and improve their practices as well.

AUrate New York

AUrate jewelry is intended to last you a lifetime not only because they create their pieces with the purest 14-18 karat gold but also because their designs are original but classic and timeless at the same time, so you can easily continue to wear them as time goes by.  Their objective is to provide the modern, elegant woman with the best they can afford and help them take their look to the next level. 

AUrate Mini Charm Circle Studs Earrings

They have kindly sent me these gorgeous Mini Charm Circle Studs earrings in 14k rose gold and I'm absolutely in love with them! They are handcrafted with two natural black onyx gemstones and they are available in white, yellow and rose gold. You can also get them in 18k if you want to. I obviously went for the rose gold earrings because I feel like they are more trendy but as I said before, the design is very classic and minimal so I'm sure I will be able to continue wearing them in the years to come. But in case you are interested in seeing what other earring options you can find at AUrate, I suggest you check out their collection here.

Mini Charm Circle Stud Earrings

I feel like these earrings go perfectly well with any kind of outfit I would like to wear, from more casual options like this black and white sweater I wore to a coffee date with my blogger bestie to dressier options, like a cocktail dress or a silky top. Whatever your choice may be, these earrings will completely elevate and make your outfit more special. They are super versatile and they are perfect for stacking if you have more ear piercings. In my case, I have just one ear piercing so I wear them alone, but still, I think that they look so elegant and dainty. 

Elevate your outfit with Fine Jewelry

AUrate Earrings Detail

On the other hand, in regards to the shopping experience at AUrate I couldn't recommend them enough, the website design is clear, beautiful and user-friendly, they have a lot of information and styling tips to help you choose the best option for you and also the delivery was super fast! In 3 days, my earrings were right at my doorstep and the shipping has an insurance so you don't have to worry at all that your jewelry is not going to arrive. 

AUrate New York Jewelry

So, in overall, I'm very happy to share with you more about this amazing brand and also I invite you to check out their products if you are looking for the perfect piece of fine jewelry. When you shop at AUrate you can be sure that you will get the best quality combined with chic and timeless designs and you can also feel good that you are buying from a brand that works in a responsible and sustainable way. 

I really hope you like this post and I would love to know if you knew about this brand? What you think about these designs? And also if you normally wear fine jewelry?

lunes, 9 de julio de 2018

3 Ways to Look Unique This Summer

3 Ways to Look Unique this Summer

We always talk about how wearing the right accessories is the best way to make your outfit unique and stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, adding a nice bracelet, some sunglasses, and a cute bag can totally transform a basic white tee and jeans outfit.

But also accessories are a great way to show your personality and those things that make you different. So the idea of this post is to share with you 3 simple ways to look unique this summer with the right accessories! Let's start!

1- Personalized jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most important items that we can add to any outfit to make it stand out! Details are everything when it comes to choosing your perfect summer outfit so even if you are just wearing some denim shorts and a tank top or camisole, having a nice stack of necklaces can elevate your look to pure chicness. But to make it even more unique, you may want to consider getting some personalized jewelry, that will not only add a lot of interest to your outfit but also you will be wearing something that has a meaning to you!

My favorite trend lately when it comes to personalized jewelry is definitely the zodiac trend, choosing a necklace with the symbol of your zodiac sign looks very pretty and it's also a great conversation starter but you can also choose something else that has meaning for you, like your name, or the name of a significant person in your life, some special date, an inspirational quote or even coordinates of a special place. My gorgeous sterling silver Libra necklace is from ONecklace and this is without a doubt the perfect destination for you to find your piece of personalized jewelry. The variety of designs and options they have is incredible so I'm sure you will find a piece that is totally unique ;)

ONecklace Silver Zodiac Necklace

2- Hats with phrases

This is one of my favorite trends for summer because I think it always adds a fun touch to your beach or urban outfit. Hats are definitely a must-have for summer because they protect you from the sun but also I find them extra chic! They always give you that glamorous french riviera look and who doesn't want to look like that?

Anyway, wearing a hat on its own will definitely make your summer outfit more interesting but if you want to take it to the next level you need to get a hat with a cute, relaxed phrase! 
That way you can choose the text that resonates most with your personality and again you will be showing a little bit more about yourself in a very easy way ;)

Summer hats

3- A summer bag with extra details

Another trend that I'm absolutely loving right now is the straw/basket bag. This is definitely the IT accessory this summer and it really does a great job in complementing your typical summer uniform of a flower dress and sandals. But again, the key to making this trend unique is adding some extra details, like for example tying your favorite silk scarf to the top handle of the bag is a very simple way to make your bag look different. 

Also, try to look for bags that have interesting details like colorful pompoms or tassels, this kind of details will add a fun touch to any of your summer looks. 

Summer Accessories

So, these are 3 very simple ways for you to make your summer outfit unique and to stand out from the crowd by showing some of your personality. Let me know in the comments which are your favorite summer accessories? And also how do you usually show your personality through your outfit?

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Review: Le All in One Base and Top Coat from L'Oréal

L'Oreal All in One review

Today I want to share with you a quick review of this new product I have been using lately. I was looking for a new base to apply to my nails before the nail polish because I think it really helps to keep my nails healthy and nourished and it also helps the nail polish color to look better.

I love doing my manicure myself at home because I feel like it's my "me-time", it helps me to relax and disconnect so I always enjoy trying new nail products. This base and top coat from L'Oréal recently caught my attention because it has rose oil. Also, it's a 2 in 1 and you know how much I love this kind of products that you can use for different things.

So, even though it's a little bit more expensive than the other nail products I was using before, I thought it was still a good investment because you get a base and a top coat in one product. 

L'Oréal Le All in One

Anyway, let's dive into the important thing here: does it really work? Well, I have two different opinions about it. As a base, I definitely love it! I feel like the rose oil really does a good job keeping my nails healthy and nourished. Also, I don't see my nails getting stained from the nail polish colors and they are not getting yellow as well, something that has happened to me before with other products. In addition, my nails are not getting broken and they are chipping a lot less. 

L'Oréal Le All in One review

On the other hand, as a top coat, I'm not so convinced about this product mainly because of two things: it doesn't dry as fast as some other products I have tried before and it doesn't give as much shine to my nails. I would like to point out that this product is not a quick dry product but I still feel like it takes a lot get dry, which doesn't help if you are like me and can't keep your hands still for a long time. In regards, to the finish, it's not super shiny but I'm ok with that, I feel like it gives you a decent shine but nothing too crazy.

L'Oréal Le All in One nail product

I would recommend this product if you don't want to have too many different products and also if you are looking for a good base for your manicure. But if you are considering this product to use it more as a top coat, then in that case, maybe you can get some better options (for example the Insta-dri from Sally Hansen, which is my all time favorite top coat).

In general, I feel satisfied with this product and I will continue to use it. I hope you find this review helpful and please let me know if you have tried this product? Also, tell me which are your favorite nail products?  I would love to know! :)

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My Top 5 Favorite Beaches in Croatia

My top 5 Favorite Beaches in Croatia

For all of my friends and readers who are currently in Europe enjoying the summer and maybe thinking about going to the beach anytime soon, this is the post you were waiting for :P
In the last few years, Croatia has become a top summer destination in Europe because of its incredible coastline and light blue sea. There are tons of different beaches to enjoy in this country and it can get overwhelming to decide where to go. So, after spending the last two summers exploring this country I thought about sharing my favorite beaches. 
I'm not saying these 5 options are the best, the truth is that with a very long coastline and more than a thousand islands to discover, there is definitely a place for everyone and endless alternatives but I wanted to share with you the ones I consider my favorites and also to tell you why.  So without further talking let's go to the beach! ;)

1- The Must-Visit: Zlatni Rat

I felt like I had to go to Croatia to visit this beach, it was definitely a must! Zlatni Rat beach (located on the island of Brac) is absolutely incredible, the water is unbelievably clear and it has the most beautiful light blue color. Even the view you get while you are walking towards this beach is totally worth it because you are able to see that golden horn shape formed by the pebble beach. It's absolutely stunning!

Zlatni Rat Beach

Zlatni Rat beach - Croatia

2- The Chic: Banje Beach

If you are more into those beach lounges where you can listen to some cool music, chill and enjoy some drinks while seeing the most amazing view of the Dubrovnik walls, then Banje beach is definitely the place for you. 
It's also a great spot for people watching since, for example, many famous bloggers and celebrities have been there too. So, grab your favorite pair of sunglasses and your trendiest swimsuit and enjoy the chic experience ;)

Banje beach

Banje beach Dubrovnik

Banje beach View
 You can see the Dubrovnik walls just behind me

3- The Paradisiac: Sunj beach 

This beach located on Lopud Island (near Dubrovnik) is one of the sandy beaches you can find in Croatia, which makes it really special because most of them are pebble beaches. This one is not as crowded as the other two I have just mentioned so it really gives you that paradisiac and more private experience. If you want to read more about my trip to this island you can check my post here. 

Sunj beach

4- The Urban: Bacvice beach

This is a very popular beach located in Split. What I like about this one is that is located right in the city center practically so it's very easy to get there. I also have very good memories of this beach since it was the first one I have visited in Croatia and it was super close to the hostel I stayed in at that time, so it's kind of special to me. Anyway, if you happen to go to Split, you will probably end up visiting this one ;)

Bacvice beach

5- The Hidden Gem: Sablicevo beach

Last but not the least I wanted to include this hidden gem because when I was in Croatia last summer I have decided to spend a couple of days in Rijeka, which is not the most touristic city and I have also heard some people telling me that this city didn't have any good beaches. However, I was able to find this place that completely blew my mind! I couldn't believe how this amazing beach was just hidden in the middle of the city! The water was completely clear, clean and it had the most amazing color! Also, what I loved about this beach is that it wasn't super crowded and most of the people there were locals, so I felt like I was one of them ;)

Sablicevo beach

Sablicevo beach Rijeka

Anyway, I have visited a lot more of incredible places but I feel like this 5 have their reasons to be in my favorites! Let me know in the comments where are you going this summer? What is your favorite beach?

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How to Live a Never Ending Weekend with True and Co

Never Ending Weekend

This last month has been quite a transition for me since I have started to work again after a little bit more than a year of being away from the office life. 
Getting back on track with the 9-5 and keeping it up with my blog has been quite a challenge but I'm doing my best to balance everything and also enjoy a little bit of this process. 

Being unemployed for more than a year has taught me a lot of important lessons, especially in regards to time management, because when you don't have a tight and organized schedule it is easy to lay back and miss some of your tasks and goals. But also I feel like I was able to learn to enjoy myself a lot more during all these months. I was able to create a set of daily rituals that helped me to practice a little bit of self-care and to stay positive and motivated during this period. 

So, when I discovered  the concept of the weekend mindset that the people of True and co. have developed, I felt I was completely aligned with this topic because I'm seeing myself now in the process of trying to incorporate those rituals I have mentioned into my new work-life routine. 

I guess you may be thinking: what is exactly that weekend mindset? Well, it basically refers to all those things that we do during our weekends that make us feel good and enjoy but instead of just waiting impatiently for Friday to come so that we can start doing any of those things, the idea is that we can incorporate them into our work week too so that we can live in a "never-ending weekend". Sounds good, right?

I feel it's totally necessary to have those little moments of comfort during the week as well to help us feel more energized to achieve all of our goals and aspirations. Our normal work week doesn't have to be just a lot of tasks and obligations we have to do in order to earn the pleasures of the weekend. If we can bring those pleasures into the weekly routine we can feel good and enjoy every single day. 

And it doesn't have to be anything too complicated really, just think about those little moments and things that you do during the weekends to recharge, to take care of yourself, to enjoy and to have fun. 

How to spend a never ending weekend

In my particular case, during the weekend I usually tend to rest a lot to recharge my batteries. I totally enjoy sleeping a little bit extra on Saturdays and Sundays because I find it very important to have my energy levels back to the top! Therefore, I always choose to wear something that feels very comfy and soft for maximum relaxation. At True and Co they totally understand this and that's why they have created a special selection of bras, which combine the perfect amount of luxury and comfort. Wearing one of these bras will definitely make you feel that relaxed weekend vibe. 

Also, weekends are the perfect time to organize and get ready for the week ahead. Whether is thinking about the outfits I'm going to wear, or the food I need to prepare, doing my nails or just cleaning and organizing my clothes, I have found that taking the time to prepare myself for the week ahead really helps me a lot to be less stressed during those weekdays that I have a lot more things to do and less time. 

Then, on the other hand, the little rituals I have added to my work week to make me feel good are, in the first place, listening to an upbeat playlist on my way to the office. I'm definitely a morning person and listening to some of my favorites songs while I'm going to work helps me to start my day in a positive mood. Also, it's a very simple way to add some of that fun from the weekend into any day of the week. 

And, in the second place, I normally try to enjoy a sweet treat in the middle of the week since sweets are not just made for the weekends. I love taking a little pause in my day to drink some tea and enjoy a piece of cake, or a delicious croissant, some chocolate, anything you like is a good option! The important thing here is that you make that pause to enjoy something that makes you feel good and puts you in a good humor to continue with your day!

Weekend mindset

Also, if you are able to organize a quick coffee date with one of your friends on a Wednesday afternoon, for example, that would be a great way to disconnect from your duties and obligations, relax, catch up and raise your positive energy! 

There are tons of ways to bring some of that spark from the weekend to your normal weekdays and as you can see, it's really easy to do! These are the things that I am currently doing but I would love to know what do you usually do to enjoy your weekends? And in case you also bring some of those weekend rituals to your working days I would love to know what those are?