jueves, 15 de febrero de 2018

New Dress from Gamiss + Haul

Gamiss Blue Dress and Haul

A couple of weeks ago I have received some amazing products from Gamiss, a web store that I'm collaborating with, and I'm very excited to show them to you!
Before we start, I have to say two things, first that you can check their Gamiss valentines gifts selection and that I was super impressed with the quality of their products! All the items were exactly the same as you could see on the website, all the sizes were perfect and according to the size guide, which made the overall shopping experience very easy and pleasant!  

Gamiss Blue Dress

The first item I'm going to talk to you about was definitely my favorite from this haul: it's this Cold Shoulder Chiffon Dress in the most beautiful and elegant blue color. I have completely fallen in love with the sleeve details which make this dress so delicate and interesting at the same time! 

Gamiss Blue Dress 2

Gamiss Blue Dress 3

I think this kind of dress is perfect for any occasion because you can easily dress it down or up, according to your needs. In this case, I paired it with my H&M nude loafers to get a more casual look, along with this Aldo bag, which I think adds a really fun touch to the whole outfit! 

Gamiss Blue Dress Details

H&M Nude Loafers

Gamiss Blue Dress styling

I have also decided to wear another item I have received from this store, which is this lovely Rhinestone Sun Moon Layered Pendant Necklace, which I absolutely adore because of the sun-moon-stars theme I have already told you I'm obsessed with! Another great thing about this product is that they are two separate necklaces so you can wear it all together stacking them or you can just wear one of them! So you can get 3 different looks with just one product! I think that's a great plus! 

Gamiss Moon Necklace

The other items I have received from the brand were this absolutely cute Pineapple Shape Stud Earrings which are so adorable!! I'm in love with them! I think they are such a fun accessory to wear and they are perfect for summer. 

Gamiss Pineappel Earrings

I have also received two pieces that I didn't have the chance to shot properly because they are outerwear pieces and the weather in Buenos Aires has been extremely hot lately but I'm sure I will be able to wear them for some nice cool summer nights. First, is this Faux Pu Long Sleeve Jacket, which I think it's a very cool bomber jacket to add to your wardrobe because the colors are very neutral, so it makes it very easy to style! 

And, last but not the least I have received a beautiful Knit Collarless Cardigan with Pockets in khaki color but this one is currently sold out. Anyway, I recommend you to check out their website to see more amazing pieces and also don't forget to check out their special promotion Gamiss valentines day 2018.

I really hope you like this post and please let me know which item was your favorite :) 

Special thanks to Maggie from Ohmagblog.com for helping me with the pictures! 

lunes, 12 de febrero de 2018

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Guide from Zaful

Being just two days away from Valentine's Day, I thought about creating a Last Minute gift guide with my favorites picks for him and for her from Zaful fashion! In case you are still looking for the perfect present to give to your loved one this post is perfect for you! 
This web store is hosting an amazing Valentines Sale 2018 in which you will be able to find amazing pieces at a very affordable price. Zaful has everything you may need for this special occasion, for her but also for him as well. So, without further talking, let me show you my favorites! 

If you are looking for a cute present for that special girl in your life, I have found these amazing items that I'm sure she will absolutely adore! In the first place, I have picked a beautiful swimming suit because Zaful is very well known for their amazing designs in swimwear.  What I particularly love about this one, is that is pretty classic but it has a fun and interesting touch with the tropical leaf print, I'm currently loving everything with this kind of design!
Then I have selected this lovely top with this kisses print which I thought was very appropriate for Valentine's but also very easy to wear in any other time of the year.
The third item I loved was this super original heart-shaped bag!! How cute is this??? I'm obsessed with it and I think it will be a nice bag for every girl to add that pop of color on any basic outfit! :)
Last but not the least, I have picked some white sneakers with a lovely rose embroidery detail on them. I have already mentioned how obsessed I am with anything embroidered so when I saw these sneakers I knew I had to include them in this gift guide! That style of shoe is perfect for every day and it's also very easy to style, so that's why they will make a very nice present! In case you would like to see more gift ideas, I also recommend you to check their Valentine's underwear collection. ;)

Now it's time to talk about gift ideas for him! First, I have picked this very elegant sweater, which I love because it's a very classic color but it has a very interesting detail with the buttons embellishment. I think sweaters are a good present because no matter his particular style they are a very basic piece, that everyone wears. 
Then, I have also picked a swimsuit because I loved the color combination of this one, again is a very classic style but with nice colors and very easy to pair with anything. 
Another great gift option is, without a doubt, a cool t-shirt. I loved the print on this one because I think looks very modern and trendy! And I also think it would look very nice paired with the swim shorts, don't you think?
Lastly, I have picked some sneakers as well, because they look super comfortable but cool at the same time! The grey color is perfect to wear with everything so that way, you can make sure that he will wear them all the time ;)

So, those would be all my gift ideas for this Valentine's day! I hope you find this post useful and that you can find the perfect gift for that special person in your life! Also, let me know which item is your favorite from this selection? I would love to know! :)

jueves, 8 de febrero de 2018

Monthly Favorites: January

January Monthly Favorites

Once again I have decided to do a Monthly Favorites post since there were a lot of products that I was loving during January and I think it would be great to share them with you! 
Some of them, I have already talked about here on the blog but some others are completely new or I haven't mentioned them yet. So, let's get straight to my January Favorites!

January Monthly Favorites 2

1- L'Oréal True Match Concealer

This product is completely new to me, I have just purchased it a couple of weeks ago because, sadly, I have run out of my Shiseido concealer, which I was using before. But I have to say that this was a very interesting discovery! The L'Oréal True Match Concealer has an excellent coverage, you can't really see any imperfections once I have applied this, and I also love the light texture it has. I have bought it in the shade 6.D/W which is called Golden Honey and it blends very well with my skin tone so I'm very satisfied with this product! I have been using it almost every day so I think it really deserves a place here on my Monthly Favorites.

L'Oréal True Match Concealer

2- DIY Tourmaline Stone Necklace

Two weeks ago I went to an open market near my house and I bought this gorgeous Tourmaline stone, which I was looking for such a long time! I have been obsessed with stones and gems lately because they have amazing properties for your energy and well being in general and one of my friends recommended me to get this particular stone because it's the best for neutralizing negative energy and thinking from other and from yourself as well. It's very protective! 
Once I got my stone I did a little DIY and I have put it on to a nice but plain silver chain necklace and now I really love how it looks! It has changed completely! So if you would like to know more about stones and how to make your own stone necklace let me know I can prepare a special post on this topic for you :)  

Tourmaline Necklace

Tourmaline Necklace 2

3- My New Travel Notebook

This gorgeous travel notebook from Lunatik Cuadernos was a gift from my Secret Santa last month! We have played Secret Santa with my group of blogger friends and my designated Santa gave me this lovely present! I'm obsessed with planners and notebooks so receiving this was really the perfect gift for me and now I feel extremely inspired and motivated to plan a new trip! 

Travel Notebook

Travel Notebook Inside

4- Vichy Idéal Soleil SPF 50 Brume Fraicheur Visage

I know I have already mentioned this product in my summer essentials post but this facial sunscreen from Vichy has become my best ally in this hot summer! I'm in love with how practical and convenient it is and I thought it was just fair to include it here because I have been using it a lot during January and I'm sure I will continue to use it this month! It makes the task of protecting from the sun so easy and enjoyable because it's a very light and gentle spray that you just apply on to your face and it will refresh your skin and fix your make-up (if you are wearing any) while you are taking care of your skin! Isn't that great? I couldn't be any more satisfied with this product!

Vichy Ideal Soleil Sunscreen

5- Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

I have purchased the Creamy Eye Treatment last year but I have just realized that I have never talked about it on the blog and now that I'm getting close to finishing it, I felt like I need to tell you how good it is and how much I love to use it! 
As the name indicates, it has a very nice and creamy texture and it helps a lot to moisturize and it nourishes the eye area. 
I have noticed my eyes looking super fresh and hydrated every morning, so even though it's a little bit pricey I still highly recommend it.

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment

So, there are my January Favorites!! Hope you have enjoyed this post and let me know if you are currently using any of these products and what do you think about them! Also, I would love to know which were your favorites last month!!

lunes, 5 de febrero de 2018

Rosegal Valentine's Day Wishlist

February is normally mentioned as the month of love because of Valentine's Day! This day is the perfect opportunity to show some love to your partner but also to your friends and family as well because love is present in all of our important and meaningful personal relationships. It's the perfect time to show your appreciation by finding the perfect present for your loved ones but also another great way to show them how much you care is by spending time with them, thinking about a nice activity that you can enjoy together! 
So, if you are looking for the perfect present I highly suggest you check out Rosegal! This web store has everything for him and her and they are currently having some amazing promotions to help you find the Best Valentines Gift

For those of you who maybe prefer to celebrate by having a nice date with your loved one, I have specially prepared this post to show you some of my favorites from Rosegal Valentines Gift in the form of two different outfits ideas for that special day! 

Instead of going for the typical colors of Valentine's Day, which are red and pink because these are the colors that represent love, I thought about creating two outfits with two different main colors which are super classic and stylish: Black and white! I paired both of them with golden details for an extra touch of luxury ;)

There is no way you can go wrong with a nice black dress, what I loved about this particular one is that is very versatile and easy to style up or down depending on your needs. 
In this case, I thought about styling this dress up, because it's for a date night so I paired it with those amazing shoes that have very subtle golden and leopard details which I think makes them a very special piece to wear with a basic dress like this one. Last but not the least, I added a black bag with also a gold detail on the chain and a beautiful necklace to complete the outfit.

For this other outfit, I picked this gorgeous white lace dress. I have been obsessed with this kind of dresses for such a long time because I find them very elegant and feminine so I'm sure this would be a perfect choice for a Valentine's Day night out. 
I have also picked golden accessories to go with this dress, those golden shoes look extremely luxurious and glamorous and the earrings are the perfect complement to this outfit. Last but not the least, I have picked a tanned colored bag with a golden bucket detail that matches perfectly with everything else.

What do you think about these two outfits? Have you already in mind what are you going to wear for Valentine's? I would love to know! Also, don't forget that you can find the Best Valentines Gift 2018 on Rosegal, so if you are still looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, go check out this site! ;)

jueves, 1 de febrero de 2018

My 2018 Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List Seize your Style

We are already in February!! I think this is the perfect moment to start dreaming about the places I would like to visit this year so I thought it was a great idea to share my travel bucket list for 2018!
I wrote one of these posts before and I really enjoyed it because it's a great way to reflect on what are the most important reasons that make me want to visit a certain place. Some of them are because of their culture, or because of their landscapes, their beaches or even shopping opportunities. Any reason is good to visit a new city and continue traveling! 
So without further talking, here are my top 5 cities on my travel bucket list for 2018:

1- Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is a place I was sure I would visit one day and I think the time has come and it's more related to personal reasons. Basically one of my best friends is moving today to the Netherlands so Amsterdam is my number one travel priority this year because I'm dying to go visit her! 
Also, the city itself is completely stunning, I really love the look of the canals and I dream about seeing them and walking around or maybe cycling around town too! 
I feel like there are endless option to enjoy this incredible city, so I'm really hoping I can get the opportunity to do this trip :)


Amsterdam 2

2- Petra, Jordan

I have been obsessed with Petra for like two years now! This place looks absolutely incredible! I have seen so many great pictures of it on Instagram and it drives me crazy! It's like traveling to a completely different time and space.
Also, I like that it's a little bit more on the adventure side and I'm sure it would make you feel like Indiana Jones to explore a place like this one! Hope I can do this trip someday! :)

Picture Credits: Sabores Modelo 

Petra 2
Photo Credits: Panavisión Tours

3- Budva, Montenegro

This is one of my biggest travel debts! During my first trip to the Balkans I was only able to visit Montenegro for a day and even though I feel extremely happy and grateful that I was able to see a sneak peek of this beautiful country, I know I'm owing myself another trip here to see more! 
Budva is THE place to be during summer in Montenegro because it has some amazingly beautiful beaches that I'm dying to explore someday.

Photo Credits: AP/FOTOLIA 

Budva 2
Photo Credits: Visit Montenegro

4- Milan, Italy

I think this is a great destination for any fashion lover like me because I'm sure you can get tons of inspiration from their streets! Also, I have seen so many incredible pictures from the top of the Duomo, the structure looks completely insane and I would love to see it in person!
Plus, enjoying some authentic Italian pizza and gelato is always a good idea! ;)

Milan Duomo
 Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Photo Credits: Shutterstock 

5- Makarska, Croatia

Last but not the least, it was impossible for me not to include something from Croatia. No matter how many trips I do to this country I always feel like there is a city, a beach or an island that I need to visit. And among all the options available this year I would love to visit Makarska because, whenever I see a photo of some incredibly stunning mountains with the most beautiful crystal clear water on Instagram, it's always Makarska.

Photo Credits: Welcome to Croatia 

Makarska Riviera
 Photo Credits: Petr Kopka / Shutterstock.com

I hope this post has inspired you and give you some ideas about where to travel next! In case you already have some travel plans, please let me know!!! ;)