lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2014

Tips for finding the perfect dress

December is a month full of activities. As we approach the year end, there are a lot of parties we need to attend, whether is the year end party from our work or a friend’s party, for each of these occasions we would need a perfect dress.
Every time one of my friends has a special event in which they need to use a dress they always ask me for guidance. Not only regarding the shape of the dress or the color that would suit them best but also they always ask me about places to find a good dress.
That’s because finding the perfect dress is not an easy task. So when I found out about Aviva Dress, a web store especially dedicated to party dresses I thought that it was the perfect place. They offer a great variety of options for every occasion, from prom dresses, evening dresses, formal dresses to cocktail and bridesmaid dresses.
Another positive aspect of this website it’s that the dresses are very well categorized for every different type of event and also they have a lot of filters to use, such as color, fabric, length, in order to make it easier for you to find the dress you are looking for.
So in order to find the perfect dress, I would suggest asking these two questions:
The first one would be: which type of event are we going to attend? This will let us know if we need to look for a more formal dress or not. For example, if it’s an event from work the best option would be to choose a cocktail dress, since this is the most versatile type, but if we are attending to a more formal event, we may need to look for a long dress.

The second question would be: what image we would like to present? This will help us to decide between the different styles depending on if we want to look sexy, or chic or sophisticated.
For example, if we want to look classic and chic the best option would be to look for a little black dress, because this is a timeless piece that allows us to use it for a lot of different occasions and also we can always show our personal touch by using different accessories with it.

But if we want to look sexy and attract the attention to us we would definitely need to look for a red dress. This color will make us stand out from the crowd and show to everybody else that we know how to take risks.

The last tip I can share about buying the perfect dress would be to take time to do the search and not to leave this for the last minute. If you have more time to look for your perfect dress you can review more options calmly and then choose the best one. So here are more options from Aviva Dress, hope you like them!

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