viernes, 25 de marzo de 2016

My Fall Basics

We have already started Fall here in Argentina and sometime when we are transitioning between seasons it is hard for us to know exactly what to wear, because some days are warm and the next day is completely cold, or even it could be cold at mornings and then in the afternoon it's hot. So I want to share with you my fall basics which can help you pull out a great fall outfit that is suitable for the weather transition:

First, the Leather Jacket: because it will keep you in the cold morning and it's easy to take off in the afternoon if it's not cold anymore. Plus, the leather jacket always adds that touch of rock and roll to any outfit.

The trench: because in most cases during fall we have a lot of rainy days, so the trench coat is the best friend you could have for this season and it's a very chic way to stay warm and dry.

The flats: because it's still not so cold to wear boots and not so hot to continue using sandals, the flats are the best option!

A light sweater: One of the main tricks for putting a great fall outfit together are layers because we may took some layers of if the weather gets warmer throughout the day. So a key part of creating layers is to add a nice light sweater.

All pictures extracted from Zara's official webpage

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  1. I love the blue leather jacket! What a great piece to have!

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    1. Yes, I was totally in love with it! Such a nice color!

      Thanks for your comment Jenn! :)

  2. Gorgeous selections! Especially the leather jackets, so dreamy x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  3. aahh yes to leather jackets!

    Happy Easter Sunday!
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