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28 Facts about Me

Well, yesterday was my 28th birthday! So I wanted to do a special post to celebrate it with you. I think it's a very fun idea to share 28 random facts about me in order for you to get to know me a little bit better. Hope you find this facts interesting and entertaining! ;)

Let's start!

1- My complete name is Andrea Elizabeth Barbieri. Before I was born, my dad wanted to name me after my two grandmothers because it was some kind of family tradition. So, my name would have been María Zulema but my mom didn't agree to that, because she didn't like those names for me. They are bit antique really, so my mom chose Andrea, which was the name my grandmother had suggested and then Elizabeth because she liked it.

2- I was born in September 27th. I'm a Libra and all my friends and family knows that I'm an astrology freak!! I love reading about astrology, about the different aspects of the planets and I'm trying to self learn about natal charts. Whenever I meet a new person I'm always asking about the zodiac sing ;)

3- I love watching sports, especially football! But, I'm not good at team sports at all! All the sports I have enjoyed in my life were individual sports, like skating, rowing and now I'm only doing some running, pilates and yoga.

4- I'm not good at cooking but I'm great at baking! I normally prepare some really simple meals for me, mostly salads, because that's what I like to eat, so if someone asks me to prepare something more complex, I have no idea how to do it. But if you ask me to prepare a lemon pie or a carrot cake, I'm the best at it!

5- I used to be afraid of airplanes until last year, because I have never been in one before. But I took so many planes between last year and this one that I'm no longer afraid of flying ;)

6- Before having the blog, I used to work in a local radio show every saturday. I love talking and radio broadcast is my favourite activity in the media.

7- I'm not good at watching TV series. I never finish them.

8- I love listening to every kind of music and I enjoy creating playlists in Spotify.

9- When I was younger, I used to hate make up and nail polish. I was kind of a tomboy.

10- I love reading. My favourite topics are biographies and historic novels.

11- I have studied Communications and Journalism, mostly because I enjoy researching about random stuff.

12- I love learning languages. I have self learnt english and I'm currently studying french and I just started to study croatian. I love it, it's so different! 

13- Part of my family is italian, but I don't speak italian that much.

14- I can't wink or raise just one eyebrow.

15- My favourite food is pizza and my favourite meal of the day is breakfast!

16- My favourite drink is lemonade because I love everything with lemon!

17- I get up very early everyday, at 5:30am, because I like to take my time to get ready.

18- That also means, I go to bed early too, around 10:30 or 11pm.

19- I like to write everything down and to take notes, so I'm always buying notepads and planners.

20- I love wearing jeans all the time and I normally buy dark blue skinny jeans so it looks like I'm always wearing the same pair of jeans but I'm not.

21- My favourite nail polish color is red.

22- My favourite accesories are watches and sunglasses.

23- I'm a very nostalgic person so I like to collect all sort of things that remind me of something, like tickets, coins, letters, pictures, anything.

24- I love talking to people, that's why I sometimes end up in conversations with random people in the street.

25- I love dancing, I used to be embarrassed when I was younger but then I realized that nobody really cares if you are a good dancer or not, the only important thing is to enjoy the music ;)

26- What I like the most about blogging is that it allows you to learn about some other incredible bloggers around the world, about new products, new brands, trends, etc.

27- I still haven't learn how to drive. I never have time to take driving lessons, I hope I can do it soon.

28- My biggest dream is to do something that's relevant and fulfilling to people

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