viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2016

Kravice, Pocitelj and Blagaj Photodiary

One of the days I was in Mostar, I did this incredible tour organized by the hostel I was staying in. It was a 10 hour tour, in which we saw some relevant things in Mostar, learnt a lot about the recent past of the city and then we went to visit some cool places near by.
We started with Kravice waterfalls, as you already know I love waterfalls so I couldn't avoid visiting this place and I must admit it had its own particular beauty.
We spent there a few hours, so we had plenty of time to swim and also to enjoy a delicious barbecue, again full of cevapi ;)

After that we went to the most amazing place I have visited during this whole trip: Pocitelj. I must confess I had no idea this place existed, I have never heard about it before but it was completely mind blowing! It's like a fortress, where you can go up and see the most incredible view and the best thing of all, it was almost empty! We were almost the only group of people there so you can feel such a peace that it's difficult to explain.
We also heard more history about this place from our guide, and after that we enjoyed some bosnian coffee and sweets in an old lady's house. This was such a beautiful experience, she treated us like part of her family and everything was so delicious and made with so much love.

Last part of the tour was going to Blagaj, I was so excited to visit this place because I had seen some pictures before the trip and it look so stunning and I was dying to take some pictures there but when we arrived the sun was already gone. I'm not going to lie I was a little bit dissapointed not to be able to see it in the daylight because it was one of my must do things in the trip but luckily I was able to go to Blagaj again the next morning with two lovely girls from the hostel. We only took a cab, which was really affordable between the three of us. We got there very early and we took our time to do some really cool pictures and to enjoy another bosnian coffee.
So this tour was definitely one of my favourite experiences from the trip! I hope you like this photodiary!

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  1. My god! This place looks absolutely incredible! I love that you introduce me to places I would never think to visit otherwise!

    District of Chic

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment E! I'm happy that this post has inspired you! Bosnia has some really incredible places to visit :)

  2. These pictures are beautiful, I'd love to visit these places one day! Thanks for sharing! X Minale

    1. Thank you so much Minale! Glad that the post has inspired you :)

  3. The place looks stunning and your photographs are amazing! Thank you for sharing!


  4. This is my land...Did you drink the water,people drink this water...There are lots of places in nature.
    Best post in blog...

    1. Yes I drank the water!! Two times actually, it was so pure and fresh!

      Your land is beautiful! Thanks a lot for your comment ;)

  5. Amazing scenery! I love waterfalls too, such a gorgeous one.
    Christina ♥

  6. The views are breathtaking, especially the waterfalls and the town from above.

    xx Yasmin

  7. I so love it! Thanks for sharing.

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