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Belgrade Photodiary

We are almost getting to the end of my trip's pictures!! In today's post I want to show you another great city: Belgrade!
I think Belgrade was one of the biggest cities I have visited during this trip. I arrived by plane and from the sky you could really see how big it is with all the buildings surrounding the city center. It was a very interesting view. 
I spent only 3 days in Belgrade, I was there for one weekend and I loved it! I wanted to visit this city because of its nightlife but the truth is I wasn't really able to experience it the way I wanted to, so I think that's a very good reason to go back some other time ;)
I stayed in a hostel called Modern Hostel Belgrade which was really nice, modern and clean. In addition, my room had a very cute balcony in which you could go out and enjoy the view of the street. Plus the location of this hostel was perfect! Just two blocks from Republique Square.
The first day in Belgrade I walked a lot around the center up to Kalemegdan Fortress, which was completely amazing, and then I enjoyed a drink in one of the bars that are located on the riverside. 
On the second day I went to Novi Sad, another city which is located very close to Belgrade, it was around one hour by bus, because I was going to the Exit Festival to see David Guetta!!
The Exit Festival was such a great experience, I am so happy I was able to attend and I highly recommend this festival to everyone! First of all, because it's located inside a huge fortress! What could be cooler than that? But also because the festival is so big, there are many incredible artists to see and a lot of amazing things to do!
On my third and last day in Belgrade I was super tired because I had danced a lot in the festival so I only did the walking tour around the city, which was very interesting, and after that I did some shopping! 
Therefore, I was completely exhausted at night and I couldn't really go out to enjoy the nightlife in this city. But I still feel I had a very good experience in Belgrade and hope you like this photodiary!

Djokovic magnets!! Love it! 

 Republique Square

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