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Guest Post: The Best Three Fall 2016 Trends Unleashed Here! by Suzy Walsh

We are almost in the final quarter of 2016, and it is the perfect time to discuss some of the best trends of the year. In this post, we will talk of the best three trends for fall 2016. Also, we will add some of the best tips and ideas for making the most of these styles.

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Play with Leather: Honestly, we don’t support leather and there are serious ethical reasons behind it. Leather industry has been long being accused of animal abuse, but we cannot deny the fact that leather is amazing for creating new looks. For the fall, designers have used varied kinds of sculptural looks for the outerwear, adding more dimensions to the classic trench coats and outerwear. There were also a lot of experimental ideas, as well, offering something for every kind of closet needs. Of course, you can play it safe with faux leather, which is amazing too. For some ideas, you can check 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang and Karen Walker for a few ideas. 

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Pink is the new black: Most girls love the idea of pink for the summers, and it is more than practical to wear pinky tones for the sunny days, but have you wondered how pink would look for the fall? While many designers still played it safe with the classic looks and shades, some like Alexander Wang, Altuzarra and Tibi worked with pinks in an incredible range. There were too many soft and peachy shades, but there were also other shades of fuchsia, which worked wonders in many ways. The idea was to probably mix a lot of unique shades to the fall palette and it worked big time. Pair your regular pink top with a pair of tights for that casual appeal. For stunning sporty outfits, click here

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Checks for love: Calvin Klein, Coach, and Jason Wu were some of the big names that played with the ideas of checks. Checkered looks are astonishing for the sheer fact that they never go out of trend. Every season, you have something or the other on the same lines. If you remember, gingham had emerged as one of the biggest trends for spring 2015. This time, you have checks that are meant to create impression. From a simple shirt to completely new jumpsuit, there is a lot that you can play and experiment with. The whole concept isn’t just about finding the checks that matches your existing outfits, but you would want to play with more vibrant colours, that are not very typical for the fall.

Hope you found the three picks you need for these three months. With new collections for spring 2017 coming up, there might be more trends in days to come. We will surely meet again for another rendezvous with fashion on that too. Until then, stay happy! 

About the Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and style expert who loves to write on anything and everything related to fashion. She is also the chief editor and author for The House Of Elegance Fashion – a budding fashion blog.

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  2. Love that leather and pink is back with a vengeance this season!

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  3. I love pink, so I am really amped its back again woohoo :) xx

  4. So good to hear that pink is the new black! I'm all about the blush tones.

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