miércoles, 25 de enero de 2017

My Perfect Night In with Adore Me

When we are having a long day, full of meetings and things to do, what we desire the most is to get home to relax and re-charge our batteries. I always enjoy my time at home, it is my peaceful place where I can take care of myself, have some comfort, rest and prepare for another day. 
So when I come back home after a long day, the first thing I do is taking my shoes off because it gives me an instant feeling of freedom and it helps me to start relaxing.
Then, I take off my make up and clean my face. It's like a nice little ritual to take away all the stress from that day and it also makes me feel fresh and renewed.
My next step would be to change my clothes and put on some nice and comfy pajamas. I really like basic pijamas, just a pair of soft cotton pants with an equally soft top because the important thing here is to feel the comfort, to feel at home. And as I was browsing through Adore Me website, I was able to find a lot of beautiful pajamas that look incredibly soft, comfortable and super cute and stylish, which is always a plus even for sleepwear. They also have amazing bra and panty sets which I am totally obsessed about because they are just so beautiful and they have a lot of different colors and styles to choose from!

So, once I'm all ready and comfy, I prepare a mug of tea and I go to bed to relax checking some of my friend's Instagram stories so I know what they have been doing that day or I catch up with some of my favourite Youtube channels. Lately I'm totally obsessed with Tamara Kalinic from the blog Glam and Glitter, she is one of my favourite bloggers because she is super feminine, chic and elegant and on her Youtube channel she shares all of her amazing trips, her monthly favourites, her shoe collection, and a lot of interesting things. I also watch another channel called Skyflygirl, which is an Emirates flight attendant who shares all her adventures around the world. What I like about these two channels is that both of them are always very inspiring and they share a lot of positive vibes and thoughts, so this helps me to go to bed with a positive mindset and motivated for the next day!
Hope you like my perfect night in routine and please let me know what would you include in yours? Also, here are some of my favourite sets from Adore Me, but in case you would like to see more I highly recommend visiting Adore Me Pinterest site for tons of inspiration ;)

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  1. Adore Me has so many cute things! Loved reading about your night routine :)

    1. Yes!! I have found many beautifuul things in their website!!

      Thanks a lot for your comment Marta! :)

  2. These are gorgeous :) xx


  3. The long-sleeved black top featuring a lilac satin bow at the back is so perfect - I've never seen loungewear like that before! :)


    1. That is one of my favourites pieces too! So in love with it!! :)

      Thank you so much Gabrielle!!!

  4. Your night routine is very similar to mine actually, but I love that nightwear, it's so, so pretty :)

    Anne // www.aportraitofyouth.co.uk

    1. Yes, I think most of us do similar things to relax at night ;)

      Thank you for your comment Anne! :)

  5. Looks gorgeous!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  6. Those bra's with the lace detail back are gorgeous. I also love the pj's with the bow on the back. I'll be sure to check out this site!

    Lauren x Huggled