miércoles, 18 de enero de 2017

Summer Must Have: The Hat

In the past few years, hats have become my ultimate favourite summer accesorie!! I think hats are so chic and glamorous, they will always make your summer outfit a lot more elegant and unique, even if you are just wearing shorts and a tank top.
In addition, hats are a total must for those hot sunny days because they protect your face skin from the heat of the sun and that's very important as well. 
So those are the reasons why I love wearing hats so much! You probably already noticed that on my Instagram pictures. But last week, my favourite hat was completely ruined. I have borrowed my beautiful Panama Hat from GreenPacha to my mom because she was going on a trip to Iguazu falls and, unfortunately, the hat got completely wet and it lost its shape :(
Therefore, I started looking for some new hats to replace that one and I prepared this wishlist from Compañía de Sombreros to help me find a new one. They have some very beautiful designs and also all of their hats have a very good quality. So, when I'm able to buy a new hat I will show the one I have picked but meanwhile let's enjoy this hat inspiration and please let me know which one is your favourite ;)

I totally love this color!  

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  2. i have a hat like this that i bought in 2016 but haven't had the chance to wear it. can't wait to wear it this year especialyl if i go on vacation!


    1. Yes, hats are perfect to wear on vacations!! I wore it every single day when I travelled last year! :)

      Thanks for your comment Fionna! :)

  3. Now this is a style of hat I don't yet have in my accessory collection - though I want one now! You suit it and I love your various shopping selections for the hat style :)


    1. You definitely need this hat style in your collection! ;)
      I wear it all of the time!

      Thanks a lot for your comment Gabrielle!!