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Travel Tips: How to survive long flights

There are two kind of people in this life, those who are able to sleep on a plane, the ones that just a couple of minutes after take off, they close their eyes and spend the 12 hour flight dreaming until they land completely fresh and the others ones, like me, who are not able to sleep at all and have to manage to survive those 12-13 hour travel.
In my short experience, I have already been to 4 transatlantic flights without being able to sleep more than 3 hours so I think I was able to develop some good tips and tricks on how to spend those long trips in a more pleasent way and I thought I could share them with you. So let's start!

1. Dress appropiately

We all know how important it is to choose a good outfit that it's comfortable for those long flight hours. Clothes can totally make a difference on how we feel on the plane, we need to choose something that is not super tight because that could really be a pain. So, I normally pick the same kind of outfit when I have to travel because I know it works for me. I choose a pair of jeans I have because they are so stretchy and soft that I don't feel any kind of preassure on my legs or on my waist. Another good option would be to wear some leggings or boyfriend jeans, both of them are super comfortable and a good way to travel in style. After that, I add a basic t-shirt and a leather jacket just in case I feel cold during the flght and it also makes the outfit more chic! 

2. Choose your perfect spot

Where will you be seating on the plane is also another very important aspect to take into consideration. If you are on the group of people who normally sleeps a lot, the best thing is to seat on the window side. On the other hand, if you don't sleep that much like me your best option is to go for the aisle seat because if you're not sleeping probably you will be walking a lot to go the bathroom, or to go get some water, or just to stretch your legs a little bit.
The first time I travelled long distance, I was sitting in the middle and it wasn't a good experience because I couldn't sleep and there were many times I wanted to stand up just to walk a little bit but I didn't want to disturb the person next to me so there I leart it is better to seat on the aisle.

3. Look for some activities to do during the flight

Let's face it you are going to spend 12-13 hours up in the air, disconnected from the outer world so the best you can do is to accept that fact and to look for things to do while you're there. This will help you to keep yourself entertained and when you're having a good time, it will make the hours pass a little bit faster. So, if there is a book you have been dying to read, save it for the flight and read it there. Also, if you didn't have the chance to watch any movies or TV shows lately, the plane is the best moment to have a movie marathon because you don't have anything else to do! So, embrace that fact and enjoy!
Another thing I do on the plane is definitely listening to music. I always have my favourite songs dowloaded on my Spotify account so I have plenty of songs to play while I'm flying but also I normally check out the music the plane has on their entertainment system because you can always discover some good music there too.
I also tend to check out the pictures in my camera or phone to see if there are some that I can delete to make room for the new photos I will be taking when I get to the destination, and another thing I would like to try next time I fly is to meditate.

4. Talk to the people next to you

This would be my last advice, especially if you are travelling alone, talking to the people next to you will help you feel more relax and less awkward during the flight. If you're sitting on the window you will probably need to ask them to let you pass to go to the bathroom an so on. The same applies if you are on the aisle, you will need to interact with them so it's a lot better if you show yourself open and friendly, they will more likely be friendly and nice to you as well. This could also lead to a nice and interesting conversation with them which can totally make the time fly. And even, in the best of cases, you may end up being friends with them, which is something that actually happened to me so I definitely reccomend trying this tip!

So here they are, all my tips on how to survive long flights! I hope it has helped you and in case you have any other tip please share it in the comments, I would love to know!! :)

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  1. Love! Great post dear.

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  2. Respuestas
    1. Thank you so much Nevena! So happy you find them useful! :)

  3. Looking for activities to do on the flight is a brilliant way of keeping yourself busy until you're exhausted enough to sleep! And then, the comfortable clothing certainly comes in handy! Great tips :)

    1. Yes!! The best is to be entertained until one is able to sleep for a few hours! I'm glad you find the tips helpful :)

      Thank you for your comment!