miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2017

Zara Winter Sale Wishlist

I always enjoy going through some online shops to look for some inspiration and to see what they have, specially for the sale season and my favourite one is definitely Zara. I always find incredible things in their website (we all do right?) and I think that, for me, it's better to check out their online store first so when I go to the shop I already know what to look for. It helps me to save a lot of time, stress and money as well, because usually when everything is on sale, the stores are very crowded and it's difficult to really look for the things you want and you may end up buying something that you weren't very sure about just to leave the store quickly.
So, in order to help with your sale shopping here are some of my favourites from Zara. Hope you like them! :)

All pictures were extracted from Zara's online store

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  1. Awesome! Great post dear.

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  2. Love the ruffles :) xx


  3. Yes! I feel the same way about shopping! I think we are really spoiled because we get to see everything from the comfort of our home without ever having to set foot in the store! One time I got home from H&M and saw that the 3 pairs of pants that I purchased were on sale online! I was so mad I spent so much time at the store without checking the website first! Of course I went back and returned the items. Lol.
    I secretly hope you get those pants with the paisley print so that I can see how you style them Lol

    Thank you for your lovely comment by the way!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment Perla!! Yes, the same thing happened to me but with a bag! I saw it in the store with one price and then I checked on the online store and it was on sale! Thank God I didn't buy it at the store :P

      If I see those pants I will try them on for sure! ;)

  4. I've been obsessed with so many pieces at Zara lately, and now you've added this leopard print dress to the list haha - it's gorgeous!


    1. Oh yes!! I'm obsessed with that dress as well :)

      Thanks for your comment Gabrielle!!

  5. The striped blazer is a must-have! Lovely selection :)

  6. Stunning outfits!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  7. Gorgeous list! That black dress are super chic! I saw them in Prague store :)
    Meet My Lovely World

    1. Awesome you saw the dress!! It looks very beautiful!! :)

      Thanks for your comment!