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Experience Italian Design with Zicasso

Fashion and travel are the two passions that inspire me the most and that I always try to share with you on this blog. To me, they go together hand in hand, because every time I'm traveling, I'm always looking at the local people style, how they dress? what accessories do they use the most? What is the most trending item in this specific society? It's like doing a market research but in a fun way!
I also enjoy discovering local brands and designers that can also provide me with more insight into their culture through fashion. 

Via Condotti in Rome. Image Credit: Wikimedia

In addition, there are some places that are strongly connected to the fashion world: New York, Paris, London, and Milan, being this last one a synonym of elegance and luxury. And when you visit any of these cities you feel like you can almost breathe fashion and get inspired so easily just by walking their streets and visiting their main fashion houses. It's impossible not to think about going to the first Chanel store in Paris, an experience any fashionista in the world wants to have.

Vittorio Emanuele Gallery in Milan. Image Credit: Shutterstock

But imagine if you could have exclusive access to more than that. If you could immerse yourself in the craftsmanship process of your favorite designer bag, or shoes. If you could be a part of the most exclusive fashion shows while still enjoying and discovering a new city.
Now Zicasso, luxury travel specialists, make this dream come true with their custom tailoring 10-day Italy in Vogue tour, a travel experience that "blends high fashion and exclusivity to showcase the best of luxury Italian style and offers exclusive access to Milan Fashion Week".

Il Duomo. Image Credit: Shutterstock

I'm normally not so into tours because I like to plan everything on my own but for this case, I think Zicasso adds a lot of value into this trip because they are going to take care of getting access to these events and organizing private visits to the most exclusive Italian boutiques. They will assure that you receive a VIP treatment at all times during the trip and that makes a total difference from a regular tour.
A very important aspect to take into account is that, even though the dates are completely customizable, if you would like to make the most of this experience and attend the Milan Fashion Week you need to plan your trip to coincide with the 2018 Milan Fashion Week, February for the Fall/Winter exhibition or September for the Spring/Summer exhibition.

Image Credit: Kris Atomic

Regardless of the time of the year, "this tour explores the fashion realms of Armani, Fendi, Ferragamo, Prada and the famed jeweler Bulgari in Milan, Florence, Tuscany, and Rome", so you can have a fashionable experience not just in Milan but in other very important and beautiful cities in Italy. 

Image Credit: Diriye Amey

Image Credit: Umesh Gopinath

If that already doesn't sound like the perfect trip, the highlights of this tour include: a private workshop in Bulgari, behind the scene access to luxury courtiers and boutiques with professional fashion shoppers, master class in perfumes where you can take home a bottle of your own personalized fragrance, a private VIP show at the Ferragamo Boutique in Florence, private tour of the Rolex laboratory and even an Opera night at Teatro dell'Opera di Roma along with many other amazing activities. 

Ferragamo Museum. Image Credit: Courtesy of Museo Salvatore Ferragamo 

Santa Maria Novella Perfumery in Florence. Image Credit: Graeme Churchard 

Armani Silos Exhibition. Image Credit: Davide Lovatti

I feel like Zicasso has done an amazing job in creating this dreamy travel experience for all the fashion lovers around the world, who enjoy the design and elegance of the Italian brands. What do you think about this Italy in Vogue tour? Let me know in the comments below ;)

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