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4 Minimalist Ways to Wear Plaid This Spring

As a trend we usually relate to the ‘90s or the early 2000s, plaid is something we’re actually really excited about this season because it presents us with a challenge. Since we usually relate this print to grungy looks and fall fashion, how on earth do we make it work for springtime? Well, there’s nothing we love more than a challenge because it can really help your personal style grow, so let’s take a look at some fashion tips from the runways and enjoy the plaid craze for the season.

Cool as a cucumber

There are two easy ways you can wear a plaid button-down: old school grunge and rocker chic. This season calls more for that too-cool-for-you, edgy, rocker vibe, and you can pull it off by layering plaid and leather. A short leather jacket coupled with a longer, unbuttoned plaid shirt, and then a black tank top underneath will look cool as hell, and you can combine this with your skinniest jeans (or hey, leather pants), and a pair of ankle boots. Be careful with distressed denim here because it might end up making the outfit look too busy, so plain denim could be a better choice. You’re looking for those really slim, curve-hugging skinny pants that elongate your legs and feel dangerously sexy.

Even people who don’t think they’re all that edgy can pull this look off because it requires some fairly simple details. Another thing that might cross your mind is studded details such as belts and collars, but we recommend that you be careful with that as well. It could push the outfit from cool and stylish into something outdated and give you that trying-too-hard vibe. We’re really trying to retain a measure of polish here, so we recommend some more elegant accessories: slim chain necklaces, wristwatches, and headbands to complement everything.

Quirky vs. high-fashion polish

Let’s talk about plaid suits, something that’s really popular this season. A plaid suit can be tough to pull off because it tends to make you look like a school librarian. And you know what; we recommend that you embrace it. Grey, beige, and light brown suits paired with ruffled shirts, Oxford shoes, and cat-rimmed glasses are cute, stylish, but they are something that’s a lot easier to pull off if your style naturally leans toward quirky and vintage

If you want to avoid that and look more polished, then don’t worry, you can definitely make a plaid suit look really high-fashion. For this to work, we recommend jewel tones and darker plaid, a big belt to cinch in your blazer, and some really, really good heels. Also? Try wearing a tie if you want that androgynous, runway vibe, and top it all off with red lipstick.

Clever dressing with accessories

Do these details feel a little too overwhelming? Don’t worry, you can just stick to plaid accessories! In fact, plaid is such a cool thing to spice up the outfit that it’s bound to make you stand out. Hair clips, scarves, headbands, tote bags, belts, and little plaid bows can take your everyday casual to something fully stylish, and we recommend that you push it further and experiment with evening wear as well.

Large, silky cover-up scarves combined with black, elegant evening dresses can give you that straight-from-the-cover-of-Vogue look. Pick a simple, unfussy cut, and then style it up with plaid accessories to really stand out from the crowd. 

Gingham bombshell

We know, we know, gingham isn’t technically plaid. However, how many people know or care about that? It’s a cute print that’s also popular this season, and it’s good for those who are a little scared of plaid. Gingham dresses with off-the-shoulder sleeves are just really damn sexy and cute for spring, or you could go for a high-waisted A-line skirt, a crop top, and a denim jacket. If you’re really set on plaid, we recommend a button-down plaid dress that hugs your waist, some black pumps, and gorgeously messy, curled hair.

It’s time to take plaid out of the “oversized and grunge” box and start experimenting again. Take this print and have fun with it! It can be cool, it can be sexy, it can be anything you want if you style it right, so play around and enjoy this spring. 

*Guest Post written by Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith is an Australia-based beauty and style blogger and a DIY enthusiast. She is very passionate about the latest fashion trends and graphic design projects. Sophia writes mostly about fashion-related topics in her articles. She has contributed to a number of publications including Viva Glam Magazine, Whytt Magazine, How to Simplify, Carousel and Mostly Sugar. 
You can find out more about her writing by following her on Facebook  Twitter  

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  1. Loving your post, perfect tips about spring trends and plaid ! It's inspiring and fresh.
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    1. Thank you so much Jessica!! Yes, gingham is my favorite for Spring! :)

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    1. Thanks a lot Gabrielle!! Yes, gingham looks extremely pretty for Spring! So happy you like the post babe!! :)

  5. Gingham bombshell is definitely my favourite, I adore the design and there's so many ways to style it! Clever dressing with accessories is another great way to wear plaid, but all of these suggestions work really well and I adore.

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    1. Thank you so much dear Amy!! Yes, adding any print with accessories is such an easy way to make any outfit more interesting :)

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