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Guest Post: 4 Beauty Choices You Might Regret in the Future

It seems like wherever we look, there are new ways we can improve our bodies and take them one step closer to perfection. And while we all know very well that perfection is unattainable, we still like to feel like we are doing all we can to look as good as possible. But what happens when a procedure that was supposed to make us beautiful goes wrong? Well, instances aren’t that common, but there are some procedures that we might just regret doing down the line, even if we are satisfied with the results that we see at the moment.

Over-dyed hair

Who doesn’t love playing around with different colors and trends with a body part so expendable as hair? There’s always the good old “It will grow back!”, as if we are really ready to wait for years to get our hair to a decent state. The biggest problem with hair dyeing is the bleaching part. A lot of colors require hair to be bleached before they are applied, and bleaching is just about the worst thing you can do to your hair. This especially goes for Australian girls and other women that spend a lot of time in sunny weather, as direct sunlight will make the hair even lighter, dryer and more brittle. Do yourself a favor and try to stick to colors that don’t require bleaching, and if you absolutely don’t want to miss out on it, use a lot of nourishing masks when you wash your hair and sun protection when you go out.

Tanning to oblivion

Everyone likes to have a bit of a tan going on. It makes the body look more toned, gives us a healthy glow and overall makes us look like we’ve just stepped off a beach. But getting the tan is a whole different story. Let’s first start with fake tans. Whether you spray, smear or drop, artificial tans that you apply over your skin can end up going off in blotches, leaving you with a patchy tan. Secondly, they can permanently stain your skin – but not in a good way. Next, if you are going the natural route and tanning on the beach, you will get a healthy tan – but only if you’re careful. Overexposure to constant sun, like it happens in Australia, leaves girls with sun spots all over their bodies and pigmentation removal is definitely sought after. To avoid this, always put on sunscreen and only spend time in the direct sun during mornings and evenings. Try to completely avoid tanning beds, because they have continuously been proven to increase risks of melanoma and different types of skin cancer.

Eyebrow tattoos

Before we had microblading – which is a lighter version of makeup tattooing – we had full-on eyebrow tattooing, which is still used today. There is no need to mention that tattoos are permanent, and one little mistake on an obvious spot like the middle of your face can be quite disastrous. So if you really want to permanently fill in your eyebrows, wear the look drawn on with a pencil for a few days first and see how you like it before committing to it, and then go for microblading, which is only semi-permanent and will fade over time.

Face fillers

Everything from your lips to your cheekbones can now be poked and filled with a variety of solutions to make them look full, plump and symmetrical. But with the rise in demand, there have been more and more places popping up where people who are very far from professionals administer these fillers – which can be very dangerous if not handled properly. After all, botox is the most deadly chemical in the world. So if you don’t want to end up with lips that burst open, cheeks that run down your face and a forehead that looks like you got stung by a bee, make sure you visit professionals and ask for other options to get your desired look. There are plenty more ways to look young than filling your face with chemicals.

Guest Post was written by Brigitte Evans Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant and an editor for

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  1. Amazing and clever post! I would add tattoos and piercing in general - they can also be consider as beauty choices and they are not always a good idea.

    1. I absolutely agree tattoos are a huge decision :)

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Omg! All these things scare me to a degree, but I still do some of them! Oops! I only dye the ends of my hair, but I will never use fillers! That creeps me out a little! Lol

    -PerlaGiselle |

    P.S. I will be hosting a giftcard give away on my Instagram page this week!

  3. Thank you for your comment :) Yaaas, me too! My mom dyed my hair for years, just the roots, but I have discovered that balayage is a great option if you do not want to do that every month... So I do not experiment with my hair anymore :D


  4. I know a lot of women who do all of these things. Personally, I dye my hair violet and will be switching soon, and I know what you meant by regretting it later. I've seen many women with super dry hair it's almost like a broom. And I've seen 2 who lost their hair from too many chemicals. That is why I just dye my hair when my natural hair already reach my shoulders, and I do use a ton-load of keratin treatment weekly XD I guess moderation is key. It's okay to get all these, just don't overdo it ^^,

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  5. You mentioned a lot of harsh realities here. The face fillers just scare me!
    xo Leros | AboutEos

  6. Interesting, and a bit scary, especially face fillers. Anyway, thanks for the good read dear.

    Jessica |

  7. Thanks for sharing this post Andrea! These are beauty choices can have long term consequences that some people may not be aware of happening. Also there has been a scary and alarming issue with getting your nails due to possible bacteria.

  8. Amazing post and I agree on everything! I often wish I could do a tender hair color change such as a balayage or the latest "Cold brew hair" technique, but I always sort of give up.

  9. I don't tan, but this is such a wonderful post. I did think about getting the eyebrow tattoo, though! Enjoy your weekend.

  10. I have tried bleaching my hair but I don't want to do it again as it left my hair brittle and dry. Thanks for sharing this article, I also believe thinking hard before doing these procedures.

  11. Face fillers and eyebrow tattoos are a big no for me. Good think I don't even need them! :)


  12. Congratulation dear and Great post thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

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  13. There's a lot here. Harsh realities here especially face fillers! Yikes

  14. I don't bleach my hair, but I do dye it with natural dye in black. Great post lovel FASHION TALES y. x/Madison


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  16. Such a great post!
    xx- Nina

  17. Great points. I obsessively fake tan these days because I find it to be a better solution then baking out in the sun. Especially if like me, you're too pale to colour anyway hahaha!

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  18. omg I literally just wrote such a long comment but because I'm in a hospital it somehow didn't register. I basically said that I used to overdye my hair and already regret it because now it's not as soft and silky as it used to be. I don't go tanning so I don't think I will have that regret, but bonestly if I had the money I would still probably buy fillers even though I didn't know Botox is the most dangerous chemical . I'd definitely still get lip fillers lol. great post!

    Amy x Wandering Everywhere

  19. Great points here However, fillers done by professionals are a great way to slow down aging signs but I totally agree with you make sure you know where to go and that is done by registered doctors and nurses Lovely tips here Thanks xoxo Cris

  20. Oh yes, over dyed hair is definitely something we all live to regret! It took me four years to get my hair back to good health after dying it bright yellow-blonde as a teenager (oops!) haha. Hope you have a fabulous weekend babe!! x

  21. I agree with eye brow tatoo, I DON'T EVEN LIKE THE LOOK.
    It makes the lady's face too strong and brows too bold.

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