viernes, 4 de marzo de 2016

Office Outfit Inspiration with Betabrand!

Getting dressed every morning to go to the office is not always an easy task. When we think about the perfect work outfit it has to be, of course, professional because we want it to reflect how capable and successful we are but also we want to add some style and personality to it because we don't want to look like we are wearing a uniform. 
But on top of all these things, we also need our office outfit to be comfortable because we are going to be wearing it for several hours and let's face it we mostly spend these hours sitting at our desk, sitting in a meeting room, sitting in a restaurant for a business lunch. We spend so much time seated that we need our pants to be comfortable.  
So today I want to share with you my office outfit essentials to make the task of getting ready every morning a little bit easier. First of all, a classic shirt that will always make you look elegant and stylish is a must. It can be very basic black or white, like the one I'm wearing in this outfit, or you can make it a statement piece by choosing one with a nice print. 
Another important essential are the pants, a good pair of pants are a key player for your working outfit, the black ones are the classic but It's always nice to add more colors such as blue, for an extra doses of professionalism, white, which is perfect for the summer, or khaki, another great neutral color.
And as I was saying before, it's also very important that the pants are comfortable so that's why I want to invite you to check out Betabrand, an online store specialized in smart, comfortable clothing to make your life easier without compromising your style. They have a great variety of dress pant yoga pants for women which are perfect for the busy life we live nowadays. Also they have very different styles to suit any type of office dress code, you can find informal and fun leggings or skinny pants for a modern and creative look or you can choose formal dress pants to suit a more traditional workplace.
So I leave you with my office outfit and also with more inspiration from Betabrand! If you don't have a good pair of comfortable and stylish pants for the office I'm sure you'll find them there!


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