lunes, 13 de febrero de 2017

I'm back in Croatia!

Those of you who have been following my blog may already know how much in love I am with Croatia since I have visited this country last summer. And I was totally dreaming of coming back here for the winter even though it's not the most common thing, I was sure that this time of the year was also going to be magical (you may want to check my previous post about my 5 reasons to visit Croatia during the winter).
So, here I am finally back in this beautiful and incredible country. For this visit, my idea is to stay for a longer period of time, taking into account that I don't have a job anymore to come back to, I'm going to stay here for one month and a half in the lovely city of Zagreb, Croatia's capital city.
Last time I came to Zagreb, I was only here for 3 days, which was totally not enough. There were many things I didn't have the opportunity to do because I was constantly moving from one city to the next one. Therefore, this time, I'm more interested in exploring this city in deep, to absorb the local vibe, to watch and to learn from its citizens, to become a part of it.
Also, I will be visiting some other places and cities but always coming back here to Zagreb, because I don't really want to move that much carriying all the luggage. 
But anyway, as I try to embrace the city life at the fullest, I have rented a beautiful Airbnb apartment for a month, which is very affordable, it has an incredible location (just 4 blocks from the main square) and it's super nicely decorated. I'm really so in love with this apartment, I really feel like it's my home for the time being here and the host was very atentive and welcoming.
So, for today's post I just wanted to give you an update on this trip and share some of my first snapshots from the city. Probably I will be sharing more in the future posts and also from the other places I will be visiting. I'm thinking about doing a vlog series for my Youtube channel so please let me know if you would be interested in seeing that as well.

Under the clock, the place where the locals meet. 

My favourite activity here: having coffee and cakes :P 

Beautiful sunny day in my first weekend here. 

Zrinjevac Park, one of my favourites places for sure 

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  1. Respuestas
    1. It is, I'm so in love with it!!

      Thanks for your comment Keri! :)

  2. I'm so glad you've found yourself back in Croatia after having fallen in love with it so much last time! It looks as though you were lucky enough to enjoy a bit of sunshine too during your stay :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    1. Thank you so much Gabrielle!! Yes, I'm enjoying some very beautiful sunny days here!! Couldn't be any more happy!! :)

  3. Since you'll be in Zagreb for longer time I can recommend you few places. You can go to Maksimir park, Medvedgrad (Sljeme hill above town). Also you could take day trips to town of Samobor (15km from Zagreb, great on weekends especially when it's sunny, and also has carneval-Fašnik at the end of February) or at Zagorje region to see castles (I recommend Trakošćan castle), City of Varaždin, or Neanderthal museum in Krapina City.
    About events I'm sending you link where you may foun out main events:
    Greetings from Zagreb and glad you like it.

    1. Thank you so much Mario for all those suggestions!!! I already went to Maksimir park and I loved it!! I think I will be going to visit it again soon because it's huge :P
      I still didn't have the chance to go to Sljeme but it's one of my musts for sure and Samobor also looks very tempting!!
      I will be checking the link you sent me to be updated on the events here! Anyway I'm loving it and I'm having the best of time! Thanks again!! :)

  4. I love this place is so beautiful