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Afternoon in the baroque town of Varaždin

If you remember my post about my visit to Trakošćan castle, this post would be the second part of that series because on that same day I also visited the baroque town of Varaždin.
I was in Trakošćan in the morning and then in the afternoon, I spent some hours in this beautiful city.This would be the typical route because these two places are very close. I arrived in Varaždin around 12:30 pm and went straight to have some coffee because it was a very cold day (please remember it was snowing in Trakošćan), so I spent like an hour in a little coffee bar trying to get some warmth. 
After that, I walked around the quiet streets of the old town and took some pictures. Everything was very calm and there were just a few people passing by, I imagine because of the cold but the city centre is very small and easy to walk to all the nice buildings and sights. My driver advised me that even though the city looks small actually it isn't because there are a lot of people living there in the residential areas outside the centre. This city used to be the old capital of Croatia before Zagreb was designated as such so it's easy to see it's was a very important place.
Two of my favourite moments during my visit to Varaždin were: in first place, to see the beautiful castle (yes, another one) that is very close to the main square. This castle, that is also a museum, looks really like a part of a fairytale but unfortunately, it was closed that day (it was Saturday) probably because of the low season they didn't open during weekends I guess. But anyway, it's still very stunning to see from the outside and I was able to do some beautiful pictures of it.
In second place, I went to have lunch at a very nice and traditional Croatian restaurant also in the centre called Verglec, and what seemed to be like nice but ordinary meal became a lovely experience because there was an old gentleman who was wearing a very formal suit and playing the barrel organ and I totally felt like I was part of some kind of old movie or inside of a time machine. It was incredible and something I have never seen or heard before. It totally matched the atmosphere in Varaždin and it made my heart melt with happiness. 
So, I hope you like the pictures and I really would love to visit Varaždin again when the weather is warmer because I imagine it must be really beautiful and also a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee on a terrace at the main square.

Varaždin Main Square 

I think this picture shows how cold it was that day :P 

The pizza I ordered at Verglec, it was delicious 

The most beautiful place to enjoy a cup of tea 

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  1. Love this post!
    Great photographs :D
    Have a lovely day


  2. This city is so beautiful! And I love your photos. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment!! Happy you like the post :)

  3. beautiful photos


  4. I can imagine how cosy your first house in this location was at the little coffee place :) You can really tell how cold it was there! Love so many of the buildings you've shared in this post, by the way!


    1. Yes it was really cold but I was still able to enjoy!! The city centre is so small but full of many beautiful buildings indeedd!!

      Thanks for your comment Gabrielle :)

  5. Awesome pictures! I never heard of this place before, but I guess its quite close from where I live now and would check it out :)

    1. Thank you Anja!! It's a city in Croatia, so if you leave close to it, I would totally recommend you to go and visit Varazdin! :)

  6. Excellent pics!
    Have a nice evening!
    Gil Zetbase

  7. It does look very beautiful!! When I travel, the moments that I enjoy the most are the ones that make me feel at peace. It can be triggered by a scent, music, anything really! I also remember those moments that made me feel as if I was being transported to a different time. Thank you for sharing all this. I hope you continue enjoying your travels!

    P.S. you should share some travel blogging tips with me! lol


    1. Thank you so much for your comment Perla! I'm so happy you liked the post!! I also enjoy and remember the moments when I feel at peace. There is nothing I enjoy more than to sit and just appreciate the landscape, the air, everything. Maybe I should do a post with my travel blogging tips, I haven't thought about it :P

  8. amazing place