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A Day in Slovenia: Ljubljana and Lake Bled

One of my must visits during my second time in Croatia was, of course, a day trip to Slovenia. The border between these two countries is incredibly close to Zagreb and it's very easy to go from one place to another during the day. So, I took a bus very early in the morning and in about half an hour I was already at the border. It took me around two hours to get to Ljubljana, the first stop of my trip to Slovenia. I arrived there at 10 am, and of course, I went for coffee because it was still pretty cold but as the morning was so beautiful and sunny, I enjoyed it outside. I have totally got used to drinking coffee outside even during cold days and I really miss that!!
Anyway, Ljubljana is a very very lovely city. The architecture is very similar to the one I saw in Zagreb but the structure of the city centre has its own especial charm. Plus, the bridges and the river in the middle give Ljubljana that nice typical European city beauty.
As the other places I have visited in the region, it was very easy to walk to the centre even without a map! I have downloaded it on Google Maps but for some strange reason, it wasn't working so I just walked in one direction from the bus station and found the centre without any problem. That's one of the things I love the most about these cities, it's so easy to move around and walk everywhere.
So, my morning in Ljubljana consisted of walking around, taking a lot of pictures, visiting the market that was there in the city centre and I also bought some souvenirs, basically a magnet to add to my collection. I tried to go up to the castle but it wasn't opened and I had to wait until 11 am and, as I wanted to visit Lake Bled as well, I thought it was going to be better to go back to the bus station to catch my bus to Bled.
The ride from Ljubljana to Bled is more or less one hour and the landscapes you can see from the bus make it very interesting! But nothing can prepare you for the stunning beauty of Lake Bled. I can even describe you the feeling I got when I walked just two blocks from the bus station and found the lake in all its glory with the sun shining in an incredibly blue sky.
The beauty of nature is something that always makes my heart fill with and immense joy and I always feel very grateful when I'm able to visit this kind of places where you can really appreciate it. The lake is huge and it was completely frozen by that time. To me, that made the sunshine look even brighter. 
So, again I just walked around the lake trying to take more pictures, to capture this stunning landscape and I also sat on a bench for a moment to relax and enjoy the sun and nature. After that, I had lunch at a very nice restaurant facing the lake and, once again I sat on a table outside because I didn't want to miss this landscape not even for a second.
Once I finished, I went back to Ljubljana because I needed to catch my bus to Zagreb from there but it was a very good move because I was able to spend a few more hours there and to see the city at night, which is also very beautiful!
So that was my day in Slovenia, I hope you like the pictures and please let me know in the comments if you have visited these two cities and what are your thoughts about them! I really enjoyed visiting them and I would totally recommend it to everyone! 

Best spot to enjoy a coffee ;)

Ljubljana's Dragon, a symbol of the city

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  1. Slovenia looks so special and absolutely worth the day trip! I can't get over how clean and beautiful it looks there, especially the architecture. Lovely travel selfies, by the way!

    1. Thank you Gabrielle!! Yes Slovenia is absolutely beautiful and I'm very happy that I did this day trip! The travel selfies are a must when you are travelling alone :P

  2. Beautiful photos! It looks amazing! :) xx

  3. Wonderful post, love it! ♥
    Maybe follow for follow? :)

  4. OMG! These sites are just too pretty! Looks like you really had a great time there! :)


    1. Yes I did!! Slovenia is really stunning!!! Thanks for your comment Shaira!! :)