lunes, 21 de agosto de 2017

Summer Tops Wishlist by Yoins

I know we are already in August and it may look like summer is already gone but it's not! There are some days left in this month and there is still half September to throw on all your favourite summer clothes and why not to buy new items for your summer wardrobe that you can maybe wear next year as well! 
There is always a good reason to buy a nice summer top! A girl can never have too many of them because we literally live on them throughout the summer so, that's why I want to share with you a summer tops wish list from Yoins.
Yoins is a store that has a huge amount of designs and they have an excellent selection of fashion crop tops for women online. Crop tops are definitely a huge trend this summer, so if you, like me,  still haven't found the perfect one for you, I would recommend checking out their site because I have fallen in love with many of their crop tops. I have selected a few of my favourites from their site for you to see and have some ideas. You have the links on each picture if you would like to check out any items :)

But in case you are not so into crop tops, don't worry there are also a lot of other trendy and beautiful tops for you choose on this online store.Their collection of fashion tops online for women is great and you can find any trend you want on this website: lace tops, off the shoulder, floral, all of those summer trends we are loving so much are here. I have also selected my favourite tops for you to check out! 

So, if you are looking to add some more summer tops to your wardrobe go take a look at Yoins, they have many fashionable and affordable pieces. Plus, you can get a 10% off on your first order and free shipping worldwide for orders over USD50 isn't that great?
I hope you like this wish list and please let me know which top is your favourite and what summer trend you would like to wear until the end of the summer? :)

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  1. Never tried this store yet, but sure your selection is really interesting and maybe I'll try it <3

    1. Thank you so much Carolina!!! I'm so happy you liked my picks!! I think I have found some very interesting pieces at Yoins! :)

  2. All these tops are so cute!! <3 Your selection is amazing! Have a lovely weekend!