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3 Ways to Have More Fun During the FIFA World Cup

3 Ways to Enjoy the World Cup

I know, I know this is a little bit off-topic but I really can't hide my excitement about the FIFA World Cup starting this week!!! If you have been reading Seize your Style for a while and maybe following me through Social Media, you may already know that I'm a huge (and I mean HUGE) football fan. In fact, when I was younger I wanted to become a sports journalist so I really enjoy writing about sports, and especially football, whenever I can. 

Anyway, for any football fan, the World Cup is a big highlight and a very exciting month, full of great matches to watch every single day. It's the opportunity to see all of the most amazing players and teams from all over the world competing together. But even if you are not that much into football, it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy and have fun during this time. That's why I thought about putting together this post and sharing 3 simple ways to enjoy and have more fun during the World Cup! Let's get started!!! 

3 Ways to Enjoy the World Cup 2
First time I went to see a match of my team Boca Juniors, you can see my face full of excitement

1- Organize some gatherings with your friends to watch the matches

To me, football is all about getting together, I do enjoy watching a match alone but there is nothing like watching an important match with a group! The World Cup gives you a lot of opportunities to organize some gatherings with your friends, family, co-workers, almost anyone, to enjoy the match. You will feel a lot more excited when you are surrounded by other people because the excitement is contagious and also you can prepare your favorite food and drinks to enjoy it even more! ;)

3 Ways to Enjoy the World Cup 3
I watch a match with the Croatian crowd during the Eurocup in 2016, it was so much fun!

2- Create a betting competition with your friends

There is nothing more fun than trying to guess the match results and organizing a betting challenge or competition with your friends. You don't necessarily need to know anything about football to guess your results. It's all about intuition, because sometimes during the World Cup some of the craziest results can occur, so I recommend following your gut on this one. Also, it's a great way to get more engaged with all the football matches, because you will always have a team you are cheering for! 
In addition, it's not necessary to bet money or having any prize for this competition is just to have some extra fun with your friends. 

3- Get creative with your outfit or makeup to support your team

During the World Cup, it's the best time to get creative and put together a special outfit to support your team! Also if you like makeup you can even create a special look with the colors of your team or a special nail art, the options are endless!! 

World Cup Outfits
Left: When I was supporting Croatia during the Euro 2016 because I was there. Right: Showing my love for Argentina. This picture is super old but I love it! :P

So, even if you are not a big football fan there are a lot of things to do to have fun during the World Cup. I always feel a general excitement and positive vibe around this event so that's why it's my favorite sports competition. Anyway, I would love to know if you follow any sports competition and in case you also enjoy the World Cup let me know your plans for this amazing month!! :) 

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  1. I won't probably watch the world cup - I'm getting too aggresive when I watch it, I just can't stand when the team I support is losing XD

    1. I totally feel you!! hahaha! It's hard when your team is loosing but still the World Cup is so interesting! :)

  2. Such a fun post!! My boyfriend is super into the World Cup (and I'm not really) so he would probably be really happy you shared this haha!



    1. Thank you so much Hillory! I'm happy you found the post fun!! And hopefully you got some ideas on how to enjoy the World Cup with your boyfriend! :)

  3. This is One of my favorite post from you! I love world cup too, maybe we have to meet to see come matches

  4. This is a brilliant post! I never got a summer glow this year,which I don't mind but great post for those who want to keep it!
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  5. Such a fun blog post ! Thanks for sharing!


  6. I'll be honest and say I know absolutely nothing about football haha, but OH my gosh I just adore your love for football Andrea, you're so much fun! :) Enjoy the build up to the World Cup babe! x

    1. Thank you so much babe!! I'm so happy you found the post fun to read! I know it was a different topic but I thought why not? :P Hope you have a lovely rest of your week!

  7. That's such a cool experience. I've never been but I know what you mean. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I do get pumped when the world series features our local team.

    xx Yasmin

    1. Thank you Yasmin!! Yes, it's exactly the same feeling I can imagine! :)

  8. I never try to watch football games but seems pretty fun
    Love your tips

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

    1. You should give it a try, it's super exciting!! Thank you Jane! :)