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Scandinavian Decoration Style Inspiration

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I'm not at all an expert when it comes to home decor but it's a topic that I have started to research a little bit more about because I'm very interested in redesigning my bedroom. 
I think I was never that into home design because I had no idea which was my particular style when it comes to decoration. Having a style is very important not only for fashion because it gives you some sort of guide and it helps you to make the right decisions, in accordance with your personality and taste. 

But it was some weeks ago that a friend of mine shared with me this test to help you find your style in regards to interior design and I found it super useful! As I said before, I had no idea what I liked for my bedroom space and my bedroom didn't have any style or theme. So after taking this test and finding out which was my personal style I decided it was time to make some adjustments to my room in order to reflect this. 

You are probably wondering now what was the result of the test? Well, my style is Scandinavian and I thought it makes a lot of sense with my personality. After finding out this, I have started doing some research and looking for some inspiration in Pinterest. So which are the main elements of this decoration style and how you can achieve the Scandinavian look in your home? Let's dive into them!

1- Neutral colors

Scandinavian style is all about neutral colors, most of the images I have seen of rooms in Pinterest are designed mainly in white and grey shades. Some of them also included some touches of pastel colors such as pink and light blue. These are perfect for you to add if you want to give your room a girly touch :)

Neutral Colors

2- Light colored wood

I have also seen that most of the furniture is either white or is made of light colored wood. I really like how this looks because it gives a sense of warmth to the room. If you can't decide between white and this light wood there are some pieces of furniture that mix both and they also look great! 

Light colored wood furniture

3- Metallic accents

Another key element of this style of decoration is to add some metallic accents, here you can choose your favorite metals, whether you prefer gold, silver or rose gold, some metallic pieces and accessories will add more interest to your space. 

Metallic accents rose gold

Metallic accents

4- Choose geometric shapes

When picking your furniture pieces, lamps or anything else you want to include in your room, opt for those that have simple geometric shapes to get that clean Scandinavian style. This will help you to maintain some theme and cohesion in your home space. 

Geometric shapes

5- Include plants

Last but not the least, when I was looking for some inspiration on Instagram, all the rooms I saw there included at least one plant. I think that pop of green looks really cool with the rest of the elements and it also gives me a fresh feeling. So, a nice plant is definitely a must-have if you want to achieve this decoration style.


Well, these were all the main elements of the Scandinavian style that I was able to identify and that I will try to incorporate to my bedroom in order to create something that I like more and that represents better my personality and style. As you can see, it's not so difficult to do, you just need to find which are the key elements of that style and try to choose accordingly when you are purchasing something for your home, having that style in mind.

I hope you find this post useful and I would love to know if you have a decoration style? If you do, let me know what is it! :) 

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  1. Amazing decor, the Scandinavian style is so clean and charming! ❤

    What To Style | Instagram

  2. This style perfectly fits my liking. I love the white decor with the metallic detailed touches added.

  3. I love the simplicity of the decor. So lovely!

    1. Thank you May!! Yes, I love simplicity too, especially for home decoration :)

  4. I love Scandanavian-style decor, so minimalist! :)

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  5. Super cool! I like Scandinavian a lot, but I tool the test and got transitional style, which I've never heard of! Lol. I am going to have to do more research, but thank you so much for sharing!! Have a lovely day, dear!

    1. Thank you Perla! So happy you took the test! My mom also got transitional style and apparently is like a mix between classic and modern. I think it's a very interesting style too and it's great to have some guidance :)
      Hope you are having a lovely weekend babe!

  6. Loving this combination of modern, minimalist, and rustic style. Such a comfy and relaxing decor.

    Jessica |

  7. So beautiful! I guess my results will be close to yours, because I find this lovely! Specially the last picture, which portrays a dream of mine of filling my house with as many plants as possible


    1. Thank you so much Natalia!! Yes, I love having some cute plants in every room!! :)

  8. Ooooh. This is so pretty! Wonderful source of inspiration.

    Joy to the World

  9. yay, these decorations are great, i like them all, modern and bright

  10. I am so into this interior style! Obsessed!

    x Lisa |